SecurCRT and GNS3 terminal setting

I’ve used GNS# for a number of years, one thing that I notice is the error in the terminal settings for SecureCRT.  Granted, GNS3 does come with putty installed however I’v been  fan of SecureCRT since 2008.  This video will help you make the necessary changes  needed to allow ScureCRT 64 and 32 bit to work with GNS3. If you find the below video a bit blurry, go to YouTube and view it at 720 HD in full screen.  Looks great.

Here’s the correct code for SecureCRT 64bit.

C:\progra~1\vandyk~1\SecureCRT\SecureCRT.EXE /script C:\progra~2\gns3\securecrt.vbs /arg %d /T /telnet %h %p

Use this for the  32bit version

C:\progra~2\vandyk~1\SecureCRT\SecureCRT.EXE /script C:\progra~2\gns3\securecrt.vbs /arg %d /T /telnet %h %