ASA 5505 board repair and recovery


I received a faulty ASA 5505 from a customer the other day.  Customer has already been shipped a replacement and now I asked what should I do with this one, sitting on my desk. The problem with this device is that the power plug had become loose, periodically causing the ASA to reload and causing havoc on the customer’s network. It clearly had to be replaced

Normally I would send a refurbished non smart net covered Cisco item out for repair, if the cost was justified. ASA 5505 can be purchased from Bay for around 375 bucks used and 600 new; cost to repair this plus shipping would have been close to $200.  In this case it was better to simply replace it.    I decided to crack this box open and take a peek inside. I feel comfortable doing this because my previous career was an electronics bench tech.  Continue reading