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Just a short note to you all know what has been happening for the last three months and why there hasn’t been any new content posted to the site.

It’s been a busy  three months , took the ROUTE exam , work projects then changing job roles.

I recently picked up the CCIE Routing and Switching Certification Guide, (4th edition).  SO I will be pouring of that soon.

I have about a donzen GNS labs that I want to add to the site along with my commentary, problems I had with GNS3 and issues I ran into to make them work.

I be writing up my own guide on how to setup GNS3 for the Mac Pro using Lion OS and lastly I plan to the move the site theme to a Thesis theme, been playing around with this of and on for the last month or so.  So far I think it will allow allot more flexibility to how I can display content on the site.

This is what I have plan for August, by then the dust in the new office will be settled and I can start adding more content to the site.



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Ron has been working in the data, voice technologies field for over 15 years, he obtain his CCNA in 1999 and has worked for several fortune 500 companies. Since then he has re certified his CCNA and earned the following additional certifications, CCNA Voice and CCRMS.

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