Inactivity news

At the helm

Just a short note to you all know what has been happening for the last three months and why there hasn’t been any new content posted to the site.

It’s been a busy  three months , took the ROUTE exam , work projects then changing job roles.

I recently picked up the CCIE Routing and Switching Certification Guide, (4th edition).  SO I will be pouring of that soon.

I have about a donzen GNS labs that I want to add to the site along with my commentary, problems I had with GNS3 and issues I ran into to make them work.

I be writing up my own guide on how to setup GNS3 for the Mac Pro using Lion OS and lastly I plan to the move the site theme to a Thesis theme, been playing around with this of and on for the last month or so.  So far I think it will allow allot more flexibility to how I can display content on the site.

This is what I have plan for August, by then the dust in the new office will be settled and I can start adding more content to the site.