Task Manager’s Tiny foot print mode.

Have you ever ran into this?  Or even seen it?  Windows XP Task Manager has a mode called “Tiny footprint” MS Support Page

The mode is meant to allow people who want to, display their CPU meter.   this comes in handy when running six or more routers in GNS3,  you want to make sure that your CPU is not being pegged.

Normal Task Manager Windowimage

To the left we have our normal task manager window.  If you were to double click any where on the boarder the task manager will change to the image on the right What happens is by double clicking the boarder causes the menu tabs to disappear.   When I first saw this I thought something was wrong with my windows.  I even rebooted my computer but before panicked further I went researched it on

As you can see, it makes it very easy to keep eye on your processors.

Microsoft’s Website.  You can still navigate the menus by holding <TAB> + <SHIFT> and selecting “< or >“  your arrows keys. If you never seen this before it can be nerve wracking.

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