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Many AVAYA products have already moved to the System Platform base (and the rest of them except CMS will move to SP by end of year).  System Platform is a “virtual server” environment… there is one VERY CRITICAL “feature” that everyone who potentially works on an AVAYA SP based product needs to know.  In the past, you could go into most products and make a change to the time (CM, AES, MM, etc) and the system would restart it’s time service or NTP service and you were good to go.

This is NOT the case with System Platform.  All the virtual servers that run on top of the System Platform base, get their time and time synchronization from the System Platform.  And if you change the time or time zone or NTP configuration information on the System Platform maintenance screens, you will cause the ENTIRE SYSTEM TO BE RESET.  Unfortunately this is by design.

This means  that if the time, time zone or NTP server configuration needs to be changed on a server running System Platform you will need to schedule an outage with the customer, because it is going to reboot the entire system.

It restarts each and every virtual server on that physical box so it can synchronize the settings.  Let that sink in for a second… something we have taken for granted… making time adjustments on CM… now requires a RESET of the entire box to take effect.

Something you need to remember.

4 thoughts on “Avaya’s System Platform

  1. Are there any special considerations with a failover system platform scenario. I had a bad experience changing the date/time on system platform in the past after which the entire system never rebooted properly and the whole system had to be re-installed.. (even avaya support couldn’t figure it out)

    Has anyone had a similar experience?

    I was running MBT Template: MBT (cm R015x., aes r5-2-1-103, ses SES-, utility_server

  2. Hello,

    Do you know it’s possible if someone change something in NTP Server (I dont really know what kind of thing) it can restart the Communication Manager release 6.2

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