CVOICE 642-436 Completed!

I just finished my CVOICE test. A requirement for work, the nice thing is that this will grant me the CCNA-Voice certification. Big thanks to Cisco Press CVOICE by Kevin Wallace.

The toughest hurdle in this book for was getting pass chapter 2 which goes in great lengths describing how a fax transmission flows through a VoIP network.  I found myself re-reading certain paragraphs and full pages several times. Just to grasp the concept.

After reading this book I have defiantly walked away a better understating of dial-peers and how h.323 works.   I want to emphasize that reading this book alone will not help you pass your CVOICE exam, this was merely an addendum of various materials I have gathered, to include a Cisco 1751 router purchased from eBay for 15 bucks.

The router gave help with configuring my pots dial peers and using the debug commands.  Lastly I want to mention GNS3, I used this to mimic a 3745 Cisco router which I installed Call manager Express on, and this allowed me to configure my softphone and register a Cisco 1740 and send calls back and forth.

Cool stuff…

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