Custom Cisco menu configuration

A while ago I stumbled upon a great piece of code that could make your Cisco router a little less intimidating for your tier one tech support staff.   The tier one team is useless the first ones that the customer engages when calling in a trouble. 

Most of the time tier one is responsible for taking the customer information, creating a ticket and performing some basic trouble shooting steps,  i.e. verify links and change passwords or provide application assistance, anything more in depth is forwarded to the tie 2 or 3  group.

With a simple menu configured on a Cisco router you can perform  basic show  commands that any tier 1 or 2 can use without the fear causing any intrusive down time to the production network, and the person performing the commands does not need to know the  proper command syntax .

There is not a lot of intuitive help on the menu command, you wont see any until you type “menu options”

R1(config)#menu ?
WORD  Name of this menu

R1(config)#menu options ?
clear-screen  Use termcap database to clear screen
command       Set menu command
default       Item number to use for RETURN
line-mode     require after typing selection
options       Set per-item options
prompt        Set prompt string
single-space  single-space menu entries on display
status-line   Display user status at top of screen
text          Set text of menu line
title         Set menu title

R1(config)#menu options
% Incomplete command.


Click here for my complete .cfg file.

For some reason I could not get ping my microsoft loopback interface from the menu , if anyone “configures that out,” let me know, I’ll be sure to update the [post and give kudos/credit.


Edited: 09.29.2010 for grammar and spelling.

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