Config Bytes Elearning Pod Casts

It’s been a busy six weeks for me.  I got the crazy idea of putting together some short five to ten minute how-to ConfigBytes video casts,   I’m just polishing up the last frames of my video podcast debut.  I decided to create these from watching several others that ether fall short or are out dated.

There is nothing more frustrating than watching a configuration video that someone placed on YouTube with NO sound or at least a commentary of what they are doing.  What I found is that these are freaking hard to make, trying not to stutter and remember to look up at the camera ever now and then were the hard parts then threes video and sound editing along with fact checking (making sure that the config you type is correct)

I hope to have the first video in the can by the end of this month.  My  goal to create one a month based on the amount of feedback I get I can see me doing one a week.

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Ron has been working in the data, voice technologies field for over 15 years, he obtain his CCNA in 1999 and has worked for several fortune 500 companies. Since then he has re certified his CCNA and earned the following additional certifications, CCNA Voice and CCRMS.

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