Goodbye to Microsoft Windows 2000

July 13 2010 marks the end of Microsoft’s extended support for Windows 2000

I’m sad to see it go, it’s my opinion that Windows 2000 was probably one of the most stable OS’s that Microsoft put out.  I rarely had any issues running it and I know that a lot of businesses were still using the OS, it does a great job of getting basic internet tasks done.

Windows 2000We seen several services packs released over years for Windows 2000, service pack 1 gave us IPV6 support which was easily enable with the net start tcpipv6 command.   Service pack 2 gave us DX 9c and 128-bit encryption, SP 3 gave more security updates and SP 4 allows users of an Win2k users who have not applied any packs to fully upgrade.

Granted is was not all was warm and fuzy in Win2k land, there were security issues in the beginning most notably was the leak memo by Marry Jo Foley who revealed that Win2K had over sixty thousand known defects .  Win2K also received its fair virus share of famous attacks such as Code Red and Nimda.

None the less for the last 10 years it served the OS community well.  I personally knew a lot of professionals that were reluctant to upgrade to the 2003 server simply because they were happy with what they had.  Win2K sever also made a great inexpensive gamming server and home web server.

Going forward I would like to see a less bloated server with just the feature you want.  Microsoft keeps making these overloaded server version geared only for enterprise use which is why smaller businesses and home based users are leaning more and more to Linux.

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