So long 3.5 inch floppy

Earlier this week Sony announced that it will stop making the 3.5 inch floppy disk March 1 2011. The disk first appeared in 1982 with 264KB formatted.  When I bought the Amiga Computer in 1988  It sported a 720k 3.5 inch drive, later on I moved on to a 386 IBM compatible  with 1.44MB 3.5 inch drive allowing for the latest HD = High Density floppies..  Later years we saw the 3.5 inch grow to 2.8 MB (wish i rarely saw and truthfully don’t think they even took off) .

I moved on to the 120 MB zip disk, which i still have a few today.  It’s funny just last month I found a box of old floppy disks from the mid 90’s.  Going through the disks was traveling back in time, I found old word docs, Viso drawings and some digital pics that were save in 320x 240 resolution.

WOOT.    Most of the people I talked to about this thought that the production of floppy had already stopped years ago.  Desktops and Laptops have not included a floppy drive for sometime, but if you administer a server you are familiarized with the old “recovery disk” ; Linux and Microsoft servers both use them.

Flash drives are here to stay but I don’t think that I will be finding a flash drive still in good condition and able to retrieve files that is 15 years old.  I heard to many horror stories of flash drives failing after a few years, Perhaps has they mature in the future they will become more durable.

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