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Yesterday I received my new CCNP books from Cisco Press.  Surprisingly the price was not that bad what I got.  All three courses, 642- 902, 813 and the 832.  I opt for Certs Kits for each as well.

The complete course was around $250 which includes the “Official Certification Guides” , Cert Kits and shipping.

The Cert Kits includes a Quick Reference booklets, flash cards (found online) and a DVD. Each DVD in the same familiar format as the the Video Mentor series is, each with an introduction and roughly 5 to 6 hours of video, each covering the the material talk about in the Certification Guides.

This is makes this series stand out is that the Cert Kits complement the Cert Guides.  I would recommend that you buy them both.  While scanning through the new material I notice that this time Cisco is really pushing hard on the routing and switching.  They have left a lot of the VOiP and security out, which was found in the ONT (642-845) and ISCW (642-825) tracks.

I read that Cisco wanted to move that material to their specialized Certs, CCVP and CCSP keeping CCNP focus on routing and switching.  With this said I can see more engineers holding more then one professional cert. specialized Certs, CCVP and CCSP keeping CCNP focus on routing and switching.

Although I look forward to diving into these I cant say that I look forward to taking the exams, I’m not a good test taker.  The kit in my opinion is the perfect choice for any engineer that has been in the field for three or more years or has had a CCNP that has experienced.

I would recommend for the the newcomer or even who who has recently passed this CCNA.  Following this course alone will NOT get you the CCNP.  For those people I would recommend CBT Nuggets or Train Signal, but I don’t believe (at least at the time of this writing) they have updated their CCNP titles.

Good thing is if you started studding the older CCNP and already have test dates sent, you until July 31 to take them, with that said I would not be to quick to throw out your old books.

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  1. ISDN is still commonplace as a bakucp mechanism and in my opinion anyone who has a CCNP needs to know about how to setup it along with Demand Dial Routing. It is a link control protocol technology that you can run Ethernet packets over and is not that hard to learn.

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