Juniper J2300

Just received our first Juniper router, a J2300; this will be added to our lab along with the Extreme Summit and the rest of Cisco gear. At first glance the J2300 looks like any other device that will fit a 19in rack.  The first thing I had to do was pop the top off and see what made this tick. As you can see from the following picture there not a whole lot in here. The box appears rather empty, I did notice a beefy processor and a standard compact flash.
The power supply is 250watt, not much going on here, than again you really don’t much to drive this thing.

root@J2300> show version
Hostname: J2300
Model: j2300
JUNOS Software Release [7.1R1.3] (Export edition)

I’ll continue my updates through the month as I slowly configure the router. One thing I did notice is that you realy dont need to console cable, the router has it own built in management web GUI that is connected to The code DOES not look like you typical Cisco config, it looks more like programmers code, like C, perl or PhP.

The Juniper 2300 will be a challenge that I look forward to. Check back for more updates on the J2300.

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  1. I will be just be using Qemu installed on Linux Mint for this build…but i have set up an olive on GNS3, maybe after i finish the linux/qemu one i will do a quick walk through on a build for GNS3.


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