The Last Subnet How2 Doc

Note that this was originally posted in May 2009


I wrote this document to help with my CCNA studies, the intent of the document was to help me quickly convert class A and B subnets for the test.  The CCNA will present subnet questions in CIDR format and you should know how to answer them in less then 90 seconds.

I converted the document from Microsoft Word 2007 to PDF using doPDF6.3 a  free PDF converter.  So far it appears to have done a nice job.  You can find it here >Do PDF

The document is here > The Last Subnet How2 Doc

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  1. Ok The document has been rewritten for easy reading. I hope that this will be the final version. I apologize for any confusion. Thanks to all who have downloaded and commented. Your input is a valuable commodity and is greatly appreciated.

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